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Show Your New Construction To Potential Buyers / Tenants Anywhere In The World Weeks Before Your "Ready" Date!
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Go Solar for your building - and for your home!

Take advantage of rebates and tax breaks!
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For your Chicago area Real Estate (or other established) Business!

Up to $250,000 available if and when you need it. No upfront cost to open, and no cost if you don't use it.

Don't lose that investment property because you couldn't get the funding soon enough. Be ready!

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Free Investor Software
Cost Segregation
Virtual Reality Tours / Renderings
Internet Service For Buildings
Market Research / Feasibility Studies
Free Investor Software
Virtual Reality Tours / Renderings
Market Research / Feasibility Studies
Internet Service For Buildings
Cost Segregation
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Rehab Videos - Chicago / Milwaukee / South Bend Area Only
A potential client may not want to drive for hours to see your past work. Until now, that could cost you the opportunity to serve them.

When you hire us, we travel to the property up to three separate (scheduled) times. We do a simple video walkthrough of your property each time, including any and all rooms or exterior features being rehabbed, constructed, or added.

This is performed at the start of the project ("before"), while in progress ("during"), and as soon as the project is complete ("after").

Next, we strategically edit the three phases to show a potential client, tenant, investor, or partner exactly how the scope of your work was carried out. We'll add graphics and descriptions, voiceover (if desired), and an intro and credits.

In addition, we provide marketing strategies and get your video shown on other real estate websites!
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Larger Project or New Construction? Let us produce your Virtual Reality Tour!
Investors / Rehabbers / Remodelers Show Your Capabilities Every Time!
You no longer have to work as hard to find investment properties around the country!

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